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Treasure Coast Mushroom Spores

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Treasure Coast is a strain that produces dense clusters of large mushrooms that boast thick white stripes, upon which sit bulbous light brown and golden caps.  Treasure Coast Mushroom Spores are a very fast colonizer and is a perfect choice for a beginner in microscopy studies. ...

Our Treasure Coast mushrooms spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Treasure Coast spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included. All Treasure Coast mushroom spores syringe sales will be declined to the states of Georgia, Idaho, and to California.

Cubensis Spores are intended ONLY for microscopy and taxonomy purposes. The images shown are informational only and originate from other cultivators and labs outside the USA. Cultivation is illegal in many countries including the United States. The purpose of this site is not to grow psilocybin mushrooms.

Are you ready to discover the real treasures of the Treasure Coast cubensis?  You’re going to love our genuine Treasure Coast psilocybin mushroom spores, which hail from that stretch of coastline in the southeastern region of Florida called—you guessed it—the Treasure Coast.

This region gets its name from the Spanish Treasure Fleet, a convoy of ships which was carrying countless amounts of gold and silver back to Spain. In 1715, the fleet was struck by a hurricane after departing Havana, and all but a single ship was lost, taking their treasures with them down into the depths of the ocean.

Over 300 years later adventurers are still finding these lost treasures, with at the time of this writing the latest discovery being a $4.5 million haul. However, for us amateur microscopists, we know that there’s plenty of wonderful treasures to be found right on the land in this region of sunny Florida!

Discover Your Own Treasure With Our Authentic Treasure Coast Psilocybin Mushroom Spores

Cubensis Treasure Coast spores are truly beautiful under the microscope. Motivated home scientists will be delighted to study the beginning stages of what becomes a stable, reliable mushroom in the wild.

Interestingly, in nature, Treasure Coast mushrooms are quite pale. It is incorrect to call them albino though, as some other vendors will do. Most of the time they’re not truly albinos (but could easily be mistaken for such). It’s possible that an albino Treasure Coast shrooms will grow in the wild, however.

These spores are known for being quite robust and resistant to contamination, and our strains are always viable—because you want to study the real thing under a microscope, after all! If discovered in the wild, these spores would mature into normally-sized (but potent) mushrooms that flush in great quantity.

If you were on the eastern coast of Florida doing your own treasure hunting, you might find mature Treasure Coast mushrooms originating from these local psilocybin spores. While you should never interact with psilocybin mushrooms, you would notice that the cap is distinctively colored—a light brown coloration which fades down to a pale yellowish stem that can grow to be 50-125mm in length. When bruised, this mushroom originating from a psilocybin spore syringe would display a greener tint when compared to other strains of psilocybin mushroom.

Important Things to Know When Buying Magic Mushroom Spores Online

Remember that our magic mushroom spores are for microscopy, taxonomy, or other legitimate research purposes only! We encourage you to learn more about the legality of mushroom spores in your local area, and that includes for the Treasure Coast Mushroom Strain.

It’s Easy to Order Psilocybin Mushroom Spores Online With Quality Spores – Get Started Now

If you’re interested in starting your research right away, please order our excellent, authentic Treasure Coast psilocybin mushroom spores with confidence. Our spore syringes are packed with 10ml of viable, contaminant-free spores, ready to be placed under your microscope and studied the moment you get them.

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Our Spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic albino penis envy spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included. All psilocybin mushroom spores sales will be declined to Idaho, Georgia, and California.

Spores are intended ONLY for microscopy and taxonomy purposes. The images shown are informational only and originate from other cultivators and labs outside the USA. Cultivation is illegal in many countries including the United States. The purpose of this site is not to grow psilocybin mushrooms.

With a name like that, you know it has to be good.

These dense and potent psilocybin mushroom spores are for advanced microscopists only—or very adventurous beginners. These spores offer a truly unique taxonomy challenge, but the results are well worth the effort, theses spores are beautiful under the microscope.

What Exactly is the Albino Penis Envy Spore Strain, And Why Would I Want to Study it?

The Albino Penis Envy strain of Psilocybe cubensis, otherwise known as APE, is a hybrid of the famous Penis Envy strain crossed with PF Albino. With the properties of the traditional Penis Envy strain and a unique “ghost-like” appearance thanks to the influence of PF Albino, this spore strain is one of the more interesting scientific experiences around.

When discovered in the wild by trained mycologists, Albino Penis Envy as a mature fungi has several interesting properties, perhaps most noteworthy being its very small cap. The caps, thanks to their translucence, turn a deep shade of blue. The stem is unlike a traditional Penis Envy strain, being stunted and wide. While the name might cause you to giggle, this advanced spore strain is truly no laughing matter!

Studying Albino Penis Envy Spores Can Give You Unique Insight Into the Work Medical Researchers Are Doing With Psilocybin

As you know, our mushroom spores are legal in most of the United States because they do not have any psychoactive substances, i.e., psilocybin or psilocin. Like all psilocybin mushroom spores, these compounds are not present unless the spores are allowed to germinate and grow. Our spores are for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only.

Having said that, studying Albino Penis Envy spores under a microscope can give at-home scientists and amateur mycologists a unique, up-close look at the work medical researchers are doing the world over with regard to the possible treatment applications of psilocybin.

While psilocybin research was at a standstill for decades until the mid 1990s, a slow-but-steady resurgence of interest has taken place in the medical community, leading to studies that show a great deal of promise. For example, some studies have shown that psilocybin is a possible treatment for addiction, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other mood disturbances.

If you’d like to learn more about what researchers are discovering to supplement your microscopy studies, please see our article Psilocybin Benefits.

Viable, Study-Ready Albino Penis Envy Spore Syringes Are Available Now From Quality Spores

One of the biggest concerns amateur microscopists have when buying psilocybin mushroom spores online is whether or not the vendor will deliver on their promises—with our years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we guarantee your satisfaction with our Albino Penis Envy strain… or any of our other spore strains for that matter!

With our world-class customer service here to help you with any questions you may have, please shop with confidence. If you’d like to learn more about our mission and dedication to your total satisfaction and educational enjoyment, please see our About Us page.

We know you’ll love our Albino Penis Envy, so if you’re an advanced microscopist looking for something new, we encourage you to give it a try today!

Our Mexican Dutch King mushroom spores syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic Mexican Dutch King spores in a syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included. Sales will be declined to Idaho, Georgia, and California.

Spores are intended ONLY for microscopy and taxonomy purposes. The images shown are informational only and originate from other cultivators and labs outside the USA. Cultivation is illegal in many countries including the United States. The purpose of this site is not to grow psilocybin mushrooms.

Sometimes you come across one of those spore strains that has a really interesting origin. In the case of the Mexican Dutch King strain, it’s a story that’s two worlds apart. Sure to delight amateur microscopists with an interest in the ways humans can shape the natural world—and the distances an organism can travel in the process—this beginner-grade spore strain is potent and beautiful to behold under the microscope.

What is The Mexican Dutch King Psilocybin Spore Strain?

Magic mushrooms from the unique Mexican Dutch King spore syringe have origins in Mexico. Thought to be derived from a Psilocybe cubensis (or perhaps Psilocybe mexicana) found in Central America, this cubensis strain was developed by mycologists in Amsterdam. Mature specimens were even sold in cafes there before the laws changed in the Netherlands, making this spore strain a rich study of not only biology, but anthropology as well.

Mexican Dutch King Spores are a Great Way for Amateur Microscopists to Learn

For amateur microscopists interested in learning about not only spores but the ways fungi find their place in our world, Mexican Dutch King is a wonderful way to start. Students of taxonomy can compare the microstructures of these spores to the strains thought to be its predecessors. Surely some similarities will arise—how wonderful it is to pair the familiar with elements of the unknown.

If you’d like to learn more about what we like to call fascinating fungi, we invite you to read articles on this site to learn what spores like those of our Mexican Dutch King strain can do in the wild, and the wonderful things that mushrooms are capable of. Microscopists aren’t the only ones taking note either, as psilocybin spores research has been picking up in a big way among the medical community.

Find out about all the ways that scientists are studying psilocybin spores just like the Mexican Dutch King cubensis in real-life situations.

Are Mexican Dutch King Mushroom Spores Legal in My State?

We offers premium Magic mushroom spores like our Mexican Dutch King strain are legal in 47 of 50 states. If you live in California, Georgia, or Idaho, we’re unfortunately not able to ship to your location until the laws change.

Part of being a responsible amateur microscopist is understanding your local regulations. While in most areas of the United States it’s perfectly within your rights to study viable Mexican Dutch King mushroom spores, always make sure you’re following your regional laws for your state.

When You Need Viable, Clean Spores, You Want to Shop at Quality Spores for Your Mexican Dutch King Specimens

We can confidently state that our Mexican Dutch King spore syringes are the best on the market! For authentic, viable, and contaminant-free premium spores, you’ll want to shop with us. Our team has been involved in the amateur microscopy hobby for many years, so we have the experience necessary to make sure you’re getting only the best. We can’t wait to see what you think of this globetrotting strain!

Mexican Dutch King Description: Straight comes from Holland and this strain has prolific fruiting under a wide variety of conditions. Valid findings  can easily lead you to recall your last trip abroad! You will have to judge for yourself to taste its real capacity, not just the research should tell you all about it all.

Mexican Cubensis Mushrooms are commonly referred to as psilocybe mexicana. These magic mushrooms have been used for many years, Rumor has it that 2000 years ago the Aztecs used this very MDK magic mushroom in their magic rituals to contact with spirits and celestial entities for their sacred groups.

These mushrooms are literally considered great for beginners who are ready to enter the world of psychedelics and hallucinations for pleasure and self learning. The feelings provided from this mushroom are completely psychoactive, with gentle impact to body. You will feel full of joy and euphoria, while enjoying visual hallucinations.

They say to truly see visual hallucinations, you may need to ingest 3.5 to 5 grams of mexican cubensis mushrooms but we suggest taking 2.5 grams should also provide these effects.

Remember to stay hydrated, especially if you’re outdoors or doing an activity like dancing. Try sipping some honey ginger tea to counteract any possible nausea during the come-up. The mycelium produces massive yields under a wide variety of conditions.

Our spore prints contain millions of spores. our unique spores are suitable for the advanced grower who wants to be closely involved in the growing process.

All ordered products must be legal in the country of the receiver. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the legal status of ordered products in his or her country to allow for free shipping of the mexican dutch king magic mushroom.

Dosage Guide:

Mild Experience: 1 Grams to 1.5 Grams

Medium Experience: 2 Grams to 3 Grams

Full Experience: 3.5 Grams to 5 Grams